African Union expresses solidarity with China in combating coronavirus


The African Union (AU) on Friday expressed solidarity with China in its fight to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic.

“In the spirit of the strong relationship existing between member states of the AU and China and cognizant of the fraternal historical ties and cooperation between them, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of AU member states express their solidarity with the government and people of China in their efforts to counter spread of the new novel coronavirus and to cope with its health ramifications,” a statement is issued by the AU’s Executive Council at the end of its 36th Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa on Friday.

The statement affirmed AU member states’ confidence in China’s capability to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The AU member states have confidence that China can “take necessary measures in this regard in accordance with the internationally applied standards and procedures in coordination with the various national and international bodies concerned, particularly the World Health Organization and Africa CDC,” the statement said.

“They are confident that the Chinese authorities will work in collaboration with all countries for their common interest in dealing with the various humanitarian, social and economic challenges containing this new virus.”

Source: CGTN