Brazil Africa Forum 2023 to discuss trade between countries

    Opportunities to leverage trade with African countries are one of the main topics of the Brazil Africa Forum 2023, to be held in São Paulo, which will have the participation of Brazilian and African countries heads and authorities. Promoting partnerships, business, and developing projects on the continent are possibilities to be explored at the event, which will also have B2Bs.

    According to Professor João Bosco Monte, president of the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) and forum organizer, the current global geopolitical context was fundamental for defining the theme of this year’s event, the 11th edition. “The trade element has emerged intensely due to events such as the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, which make global trade flows more difficult,” said Monte.

    Among speakers at the event will be Tamer Mansour, secretary-general & CEO of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), which supports the forum; the minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mauro Vieira; the special advisor for International Affairs of Brazilian president’s office, Celso Amorim; the president of Afreximbank, Benedict Oramah; The minister of Energy of Kenya, Davis K. Chirchir; the deputy director of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), Maria Helena Semedo; and the president of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), Jorge Viana.

    In addition to trade as a central theme, the forum will address partnerships, development, and commercial rapprochement between Brazil and the continent in agribusiness, culture, tourism, consumption, infrastructure, logistics, and the pharmaceutical industry, among other areas. B2Bs will also be held during the event.

    The forum, evaluated Monte, will occur when Brazil and the African continent are getting closer again. “Southern Africa (the south of the continent) is very different from Libya (in the North). In North Africa, each country has much to develop with Brazil. Morocco had a direct flight with Brazil, which facilitated exchanges, and Egypt is a long-time partner. They have a relationship with Brazil different from that observed with Algeria (opening picture), Mauritania, or Libya. It takes diplomatic effort, but also entrepreneur initiative,” said Monte.

    The IBRAF president recalled the ABCC has the role of fostering opportunities with the Arab countries of the region. In addition to the aforementioned Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Egypt, and Morocco, other Arab nations in Africa are Comoros, Somalia, Djibouti, Tunisia, and Sudan.

    According to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce, and Services, in 2022, Brazil exported USD 12.7 billion to the continent; the leading importers were Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, and Morocco. Brazil imported USD 8.5 billion in the same period, primarily from Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, and South Africa. Both in exports and imports, there was growth compared to 2021.

    Source: ANBA