Ethiopia to Host ITME Africa 2020

Ethiopia to host International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITME) Africa 2020, which scheduled to be held from 14th to 16th February.

The exhibition is organized by India ITME Society in collaboration with Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA).

Ethiopia has selected to host the first edition as the nation is one of the major countries in Africa with significant growing textile industry, it was indicated.

Briefing Journalists, India ITME Society Chairman, Hari Shankar said the exhibition proposes to bring to the table complete solutions to textile industry development in Africa through affordable technology and international exposure.

The event is expected to open up new opportunities in the textile and textile engineering sectors for the continent through knowledge, skills, and experience sharing on the top of joint venture and investment prospects.

Business to business meetings, technical, investment and business financial solution seminars and networking platforms with technocrat and educational institutes are concomitantly the planned activities during the exhibition.

The leading international textile companies will showcase variety of technologies under one roof in the Addis Ababa exhibition.

ECCSA President, Melaku Azezew, said the event is a great opportunity for Ethiopia to develop textile technology, where the country has untapped potential for textile industry and promising market environment for the sector.

The international exhibition will categorically attract foreign direct investment, technology transfer and other multiple growth effect to the Ethiopia’s textile industry, he noted.

ITME Africa 2020 has 220 exhibitors with country pavilions from India, China, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and from other African countries.