Ethiopia’s Science and Art Museum inaugurated

Ethiopia’s leadership hopes that the Science and Art Museum facility will help transform Ethiopia’s digital economy.

Ethiopia on Tuesday inaugurated the Science and Art Museum in the heart of the capital Addis Ababa.  

It is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who cut the ribbon to inaugurate the new dome-shaped facility which he sees as a significant step in the direction of building a digital economy. 

“It lays a foundation for children for a better Ethiopia,” PM Abiy Ahmed said.  He added that the Science Museum will have a greater role to enable children and youth to practice creative thinking and creative development. 

It is said that the dome-shape architecture signifies “continuous growth and man kind’s creativity,” according to the Ethiopian News Agency Report.  

It is also portrayed as an expression of Ethiopia’s determination to adapt to ever growing technological development. 

After the inauguration, PM Abiy wrote on his social media page “As we inaugurate Ethiopia’s Science Museum, launch a technology exhibition and open the first PanAfrican Artificial Intelligence conference today, all are essential for networking, learning and co-creating across the continent, as we all strive to empower Africa through digital transformation…” 

On the same day, the facility hosted a technology startup and public/private institution exhibition which will be open for viewing for several weeks to come. 

It also hosted what is said to be “the first and annual PanAfricon Artificial Intelligence conference.”

The premise of the facility has a total of seven hectares of land. There are two huge building structures but much of the space is devoted to green areas.  

The bigger structure is built on 15,000 Square meters of land and has 132 meters in width.  

Over 4,000 indigenous trees are covering the green space – in addition to flowers – according to the ENA report. 

In January 2022, Ethiopia inaugurated the largest library in the country, also built in Addis Ababa, which is named as Abrhot – an Amharic word for “Enlightenment.”