GERD’s second turbine begins producing power

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on Sudan and Egypt to continue dialogue on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Lunching the electric power generation of the 2nd  turbine of GERD today, the Prime Minister said Ethiopia is constructing the hydro dam to generate electric power for its people living in dark.

The Prime Minister said Sudan and Egypt should understand that Ethiopia has no intention to cause harm on the downstream countries other than to meet its electric power need.  

The filling to generate electric power with the two turbines thus far proved that Ethiopia is cautiously undertaking the tasks taking into account the water flow to the downstream countries, Abiy stated.  

The Prime Minister has also called on Sudan and Egypt to engage in negotiation to settle issues of concern.

Dialogue is the way forward for the countries as the construction of the GERD continues.

Recalling that Ethiopians sacrificed their money and life to make this a reality, Abiy said that it is good to celebrate this achievement and necessary to be motivated for greater achievement.   

The PM has expressed gratitude to all pertinent actors for the successful accomplishment of the plan.

He also congratulated all Ethiopians for their continued contributions to this national project.

Abiy said the successes registered so far demonstrate the fact that Ethiopia’s prosperity will inevitably be realized.  

The construction of the GERD project has generally reached an average 83.3 percent while the civil construction and electro mechanical works are at 95 and 61 percent respectively.

It is to be recalled that, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officially inaugurated the generation 375 MW hydropower from  the first turbine of GERD, on February 20, 2022.

Currently, the two turbines are generating 750 MW.

The GERD is an affirmation of Ethiopia’s commitment for equitable and reasonable utilization of the Abbay River, it was indicated.

GERD as an anchor project for cooperation in the region and will have paramount contribution to the economic integration in the region.

Source: ENA