Iran to hold forum on promotion of trade with Africa

The Trade Promotion Organization of Iran is going to hold a forum in early October to weigh plans for boosting Iranian exports to the African nations, an official has announced.

Director General of the Arab and African Bureau of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Farzad Piltan, said the forum will be held on October 3 to discuss plans to boost the export of Iranian construction materials and equipment to the African countries.

The event is part of the plans devised by the Trade Promotion Organization to help the Iranian producers and exporters find new markets given the African nations’ needs and Iran’s capacity for the export of construction materials and equipment, he noted.

Piltan said the forum would be attended by the Iranian private companies and representatives of government organizations, such as the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, the chambers of commerce, the unions, and the freight transport companies.

He finally expressed hope that close interaction with the embassies of Iran in the African countries would help the Iranian and African business people and markets to get acquainted with each other and would raise the trade ties with Africa to the pre-coronavirus levels.

Source: Iran Front Page