Namibia suspends applications for new mineral rights

Namibia will not consider or process new applications for mineral rights for a period of nine months to review the requirements and procedures, an official said Friday.

The suspension, from Nov. 18 to Aug. 17, 2021, is aimed to update and align the application requirements and procedures to best practices and a current national policy since 1992 when the country enacted the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining) Act, Ministry of Mines and Energy spokesperson Andreas Simon said.

The ministry has invited the public, the mining industry, and any affected or interested persons to submit written representations and comments within the next seven working days, Simon said.

β€œThe mining industry and the public will have an opportunity to comment on the draft policy and legal framework for granting new mineral licenses as the draft reviewed document will be communicated to the public and availed on the ministry,” he said.

The proposed suspension will only affect prospective or new applications, Simon said.

Source: CGTN