Qatar’s largest dairy producer keen to replicate its business in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Embassy in Doha, Qatar yesterday hosted a virtual pre-investment discussion between key Ethiopian government sectors and Baladna Food Industries – the leading and largest dairy producer in Qatar.

The aim of the preliminary session was to have a general overview of the investment opportunities in Ethiopia apropos the realm of Baladna.

Attending the meeting were higher officials and experts from key Ethiopian government sectors and the leaders and experts of Baladna Food Industries.

The higher officials and experts from the Ethiopian side have illuminated the enormous and unexploited business opportunities in Ethiopia in the sector; the attractive incentives that investors can enjoy; the biggest market opportunity in the sector; and the government’s support including availing the required infrastructure to encourage investors.

Baladna Food Industries, on its part, represented by its General Manager for Supply Chain Khaled Zialnon and one of its board members Aidan Tynan, has briefly elucidated its business experiences, areas of interest and top priorities in the sector.

It has also expressed its keen interest to replicate its business in Ethiopia and work jointly with the government.

The discussion was productive; Baladna expressed its content with the captivating business climate in Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian side has also demonstrated its readiness to welcome and work closely with the company. Furthermore, Baladna planned to make a visit to Ethiopia shortly.

Ambassador Samia Zekaria, on her part, explained the importance of having such a discussion and underscored the need for further follow up in order to come up with concrete and implementable projects.

Baladna is Qatar’s largest locally-owned food and dairy producer, supplying over 95% of the country’s fresh dairy products.

Starting the production of processed dairy products for the Qatari market only on May 2017, Baladna has now managed to be one of the largest cattle farms in the region housing well over 24,000 cows in a comfortable and well-conditioned environment.

It is now working to expand and replicate its business out of Qatar, according to Ethiopian Embassy in Doha.

Source: FBC