Rwanda and Mauritius data protection authorities discuss cooperation, share experiences in the banking and financial sector


Last week, the Data Protection Commissioner of Mauritius, Mrs. Drudeisha Madhub visited Rwanda for discussions on collaboration between the respective Data Protection Authorities.

During her visit, she shared Mauritius’s experience of implementing personal data protection and privacy legislation within the banking and financial sector. The meeting brought together representatives from The National Bank of Rwanda, Kigali International Financial Centre, Rwanda Bankers Association, Bank of Kigali and the Rwanda Information Society Authority.

Globally, Data Protection and Privacy laws regulate cross-border data flows and are vital for ensuring trust, regulatory certainty necessary for e-commerce, trade, and international financial transactions.

According to Rwanda’s 2021 Personal Data Protection and Privacy Law, collection and processing of personal data requires consent and obliges organizations, both public and private, to have in place sufficient measures to ensure protection and guarantee the privacy of personal data.

In her remarks, Mrs. Drudeisha Madhub noted the importance and timely nature of holding stakeholder engagements. She highlighted the need for organizations to put in place modalities for smooth implementation of the law for continuity of vital business sectors.

Participants appreciated Mauritius’s experience in  implementation of personal data protection and privacy law to create a conducive environment for the growth of financial services.

The visit comes after Rwanda passed the Personal Data Protection and Privacy law in October 2021 and established the Data Protection Office in March 2022.

Public and private organizations have until 15 October 2023 to have fully implemented the law. The Data Protection Office is working with key sector regulators, public and private organizations to ensure full compliance within the remaining transition period.

Source: The New Times