Tanzania: Z’bar pledges further improvements in Investment climate

The Zanzibar government has promised to further improve the investment climate including having a start-up policy to support a vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation culture in the country.

“The government’s commitment signifies a positive development in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, youth-led businesses, and driving economic growth. We need to work with experts to move forward,” Mr Mudrick Ramadhan Soraga, Isles Minister for Labour, Economy and Investment, said at the African Regenerative Cities conference which took place at Fumba Town here.

He said by creating an enabling environment for startups, it will encourage innovation, drive technological advancements, provide access to finance, resources, and nurture a culture of innovation and resilience.

The Minister said the African Regenerative Cities Summit, was a landmark three-day event in Zanzibar which attracted global innovators and entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering human prosperity through technological and scientific advancements in Africa.

Mr Soraga commended organisers of the conference, saying the event highlights the potential of emerging technologies and Special Economic Zone developments to usher in Africa’s New Golden Age.

Promising to light the way towards regenerative growth in Africa, about 30 participants from different countries of Africa, delved into transformative themes such as future city developments and technological innovations in special economic zones.

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