The African Union is set to join the G20: how can it make the most of it?

It is looking increasingly likely that the African Union will be admitted as the 21st member of the G20 during the next summit to be hosted by India, thereby correcting a historical imbalance where the only other highly integrated continental region – the EU – had been a founding member. So far, well over of half of the G20 members have announced at head of state level their support for this, kicking off with China in August 2020 and, most recently Russia during its Africa summit. Kudos must go to Senegal’s President Macky Sall initially for leading this charge, writing to all G20 elements in early 2020 to set the case for this multilateral shift, and to India’s President Modi for following up recently with another letter to G20 members to reinforce his support for full agreement during the forthcoming summit.

That said, some of the modalities for exactly how the AU turns up for and prepares its positioning for the world’s most powerful economic and financial discussions are yet to be established.

Source: African Business