USA is SA’s top overseas market for 2021

As destinations around the globe accelerate tourism sector recovery efforts following more than two years of the pandemic and related restrictions, South African Tourism has released a report highlighting that for the first time, the US was its top source market for overseas travel. In 2021, the US bested the UK which has held this top spot since 1994, showing a 14% increase in arrivals versus the previous year.

Last year, the US also topped tourist revenue from overseas markets with R2.3b with arrivals primarily driven by first-time travellers. The growth was attributed to leisure expenditures, new accommodations, and experiential choices.

“This report indicates that our diligent marketing and promotional efforts for South Africa are paying off,” said Jerry Mpufane, South African Tourism North America Hub president.

“South Africa remains a bucket list destination and as a result, continues to win coveted travel and hospitality accolades, which go a long way in establishing confidence in what we have to offer. When you couple that with increased connectivity provided by our airline partners at United and Delta and the consistent energy and enthusiasm for the destination shown by US travel advisors and tour operators, the future looks bright as we continue our recovery efforts.”

The release of the report comes on the heels of the destination announcing the end of all Covid-19 restrictions. These include the removal of the mask-wearing mandate and limits on gatherings and border checks for Covid-19 – and the need to be vaccinated to enter South Africa – clearing the way for visitors to breathe in South Africa’s wide open spaces and the allow the return of some of the destination’s beloved events.

To read the report in its entirety, click here.

Source: Biz Community